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I decided to post some ancient drafts in this account.

#Spring cleaning.

I Hope you enjoy :)



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perspective (optimism)

If we fall, we must rise again.*

When we fall, we must be willing to get back up. We must ignite our effort to rise. When we know this, we will stand. 


Some of us will walk. Some of us will soar.

With Courage.

Determined. Focused. 

Value your Effort and Embrace obstacles; know your course.

Go fearlessly. 

Proceed. (yielding optional)

Moving on…

Instructions: Stand. Focus on one step. Try. Succeed. Repeat. Continue. 


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Evanston, WY - 2004 (entry)

We arrived at the front door and were greeted with such a joyful:

“I’m going to Jamaica and its all inclusive!” The lovely fairy godmother-like host, Willow, repeated this roughly sixteen times throughout the first hour of her mania. ( I counted ).

An all-inclusive conversation: elevated level of excitement. inflection off every word flying away drifting into what could be deemed as a Neverland.

I was entering into a situation that reminded me of the feeling you get where you’re about to hang out with the older kids and do something really bad, like steal something or sneak out a window. They already build the fort & the treehouse, now I was invited into the club.

I openly accepted this experience.

She immediately offered her bong, the very bong that told her she needed to go to Jamaica. At the time, I did not smoke. 

I passed.

“In two years, you guys.”

She wanted to wait two years so her friends could save the money.

“Come with, LM?!”

"Wait, me? Awe man, I can’t, I have broken bones dude."

The house was a disaster; that was my residence of concentration. Someone close to her must have just passed. You could smell it. My OCD ignited.

Dozens of dolls were scattered throughout the house, on top of the refrigerator, in the window sills, on top of moving boxes and inside the kitchen cabinets. Toys were sprawled out practically blanketing the entire the floor. Floral wallpaper in every room. 

This was gonna be fun. I hope I can get home from here though. (neuroses)

“Do you know what sober stands for?” her one friend asked.

“No,” said Willow.

“Son of a bitch, everything’s real!” Discovered Stoner #2.

I’m so bad with names, plus I was afraid of stoners. They seemed way cooler than me.

The depth of this conversation continued & remained.

They all worked together at an adult video shop right off highway 72. Evanston, Wyoming. Hmm…okay.

I remember thinking, as I walked into this divine palace, that this was going to be a good story one day. It was the six boxes of Cookie Crisps and three opened boxes of Honey Comb cereal that confirmed it.

Me: “Oh my gosh, I love cereal!”

We ended up watching a movie with Brittany Murphy and some soiled brat. I retired early. Wendy put me in her daughter’s room.

"You have a daughter," I asked.

"She’s 18 months old and her name is Lily, which is short for Lilith. She’s so smart, she knows what beer caps go with all the empty beer bottles in the place."

Wow, genius, I thought. There were just so many of them you can make a coffee table or a wreath; something crafty.

Willow explained to me that Lily doesn’t like to sleep in her room because she’s scared of Grandma and Grandpa.

I crashed on the miniature twin bed and turned the light off; a touch lamp. Awesome! #throwback I lied on my back, still fully clothed in my pants, shirt, hoody, sling, medical bondage and a Park City coat. I noticed the ceiling was stickered with those glow-in-the-dark stars; the only modern item in the house. I was in the right place.

I closed my eyes. 

The next morning, Willow asked me if her Mom or Dad bothered me at all. I said, “No. Wait, were they home this whole time?” ( like, the stoner time conversation and shit?)

"Well, they just hang out here and listen to our conversations. My Mom died two weeks ago and my Dad won’t leave without her."

With a reminiscent smile, Willow says, “They’re dead. Lily’s just afraid of them. She’s too young to know yet.”

"Oh," I pondered.

This, I believe, was the day I started smoking cigarettes. I was 24, I think.

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insight made simple

If we fall, we must rise again*

When we fall and we have the desire to get back up, we must put forth effort to rise. When we know this, we will stand. 


Some of us will walk. Some of us will soar

With Courage.

Determined. Focused

Value your effort; know your course.

Go fearlessly; accept wisdom. 

Moving on…

Instructions: Stand. Focus on one step. Try. Succeed. Repeat. Continue. 


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The Result of Hope:

Truth. Effort. Progress. Resilient. Faith. Victory. Honor…HOPE exercised.

Yes We Did.

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